Surprises, Tears, Laughter, and Jack Daniels!


My adventure as a mom began somewhere in the ballpark of March 2006. I was working at an Urgent Care and “borrowed” one of our pregnancy tests because something juuuust wasn’t right. Well, in retrospect, everything had actually gone PERFECTLY because I was pregnant. My co-worker re-tested it a couple times from different boxes just to make sure and i obviously double checked again when I got home.


Not the end of the world, but definitely not what I had been planning. I had just gotten engaged on Valentine’s Day of that year (which was probably the night that landed me in this “situation’ 😉

So, we got to have the ever-so-pleasant talk with the parentals about our news.
“Mom, I have something to talk to you about.”
She stops, looks at me seriously and asks “Is it something I have to take you to Target for a test?”
“Ummmmm, yah, but i already did.”
“and you are?”
She lets out a sigh and says, “I don’t know whether to hug you or spank you!”

She hugged me 😉

17 weeks in I started spotting and went to the Dr.
I found out that day that I had miscarried at 9weeks and 6 days.
All this 1 week before the wedding.
(I didn’t think writing that would make me cry) hold on…
A big hug goes out to all of you moms and dads who have lost a pregnancy. I know there are many. With statistics of 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, we’re kind of a big club.

Thankfully, I got pregnant just as easily with the next one as I did the first! The next step of the adventure was probably in October 2006. Again, totally out of the blue and very surprising.
And because God has an awesome sense of humor, my fertility goes on to get me pregnant AGAIN just a short 4 months after Kaylee was born. At this point, Brent and I are contemplating having separate closets space just to be sure this doesn’t happen again.

I am the mom who was breastfeeding a 4 month old, took a pregnancy test and found out the next one was on its way…ready or not. My favorite moment in our marriage so far is when my husband, Brent, came home from work and I held our daughter up and said, “Welcome home daddy, hey guess what?? I’m gonna be a big sister next year!!”



It was at the birth of my daughter, Macy, that I succumbed to the fact that my motherhood adventure was going to be nothing I could control. I still kind of want to have another baby and PLAN on having the baby and PLAN when they will be born…just to say I did it. Not gonna happen 😉

They say the 1st year of marriage is always the hardest…I call bullshit!
Ours hit probably at year 3 with two girls ages 1 and 2 and me married to a busy farmer and struggling to balance mommyhood, wifehood, work life, social life, and just time for ME!

I only threw a bottle at my husband once…I’m pretty sure

I cried the first time Kaylee fell down a flight of stairs

I yelled at Brent when he got home once because it was OBVIOUSLY his fault both kids were screaming, naked, covered in their own body fluids, and I’m scrubbing the carpet also full of said body fluids.


I fed my kids formula after about 12 weeks because I wanted to. Me and the breast pump were through with 8-a-day milkings. 😉 As far as I can tell they are turning out just fine.

I realized just how much I like the taste of a Jack n Coke. Through many experiments. They all turned out a positive.


I suffered some mommy guilt when i started working more and they were at daycare 5 days a week instead of 2 or 3. Again, they seem to have adjusted fine.

I probably didn’t get them their vaccinations right on schedule, but that’s what Kindergarten check ups are for right?! Get ’em all up to speed! Macy, at 5, still puts most things in her mouth and when you live on a farm…that gives you some pretty good coverage.

I let them play in the mud


I worry about them not eating enough fruits and vegetables (as I dole out Mcnuggets)

I don’t give band aids unless there’s blood. Ice packs, however, can be put on anything.

I let them wander through the barn by themselves with 700-1000 lbs animals lumbering around.

I get nervous about letting them be out in the barn with 700-1000 lbs animals lumbering around


I bought bike helmets…they don’t wear them…But like a “good mom” i bought them 😉

We don’t use the word “hate”

Other colorful 4 letter words have been spoken though…in correct context. I will take full blame for that.

Brent and I argue in front of them some…They haven’t expressed any feelings of fear towards this. Usually I hear, “MOM, stop yelling at dad, he works really hard for our family and you should love him!” Geee, I wonder who’s a daddy’s girl.

“DAD, you should really put your own clothes away like mom does.” AAAAAAND we’re back on track.

I’m only 6 years into my adventure and so far, I’m having a blast! Not everyday, but most days. We’re happier more than we’re sad. There’s more laughter than there is yelling, there’s more clothes than I know what to do with, and I am supported by Brent’s family and mine which is priceless.

I was a surprise to my mom too. She is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice so I can’t think of anyone else better to emulate. I joke about turning into my mother…a girl’s worst nightmare right?! It wouldn’t be such a horrible thing if I did.
I hope my girls can say the same one day.


Enjoy your families this Mother’s Day.


The trouble with girls, is nobody loves trouble as much as me!

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Recently I was in on a conversation about female hormones with some of my Twitter friends.  For more laughs you can follow @ezweber @heibri @greystone_farm @FunWithBulls @Zweberfarms & @GrassHapy99 @JPlovesCOTTON among others! The chat first started about hormones in milk.  Then it moved to the fact that females have RAGING hormones that make us do things that are unthinkable! 

We women always get a bad rap about our genetic make-up and men get to laugh about it.  My brother-in-law has a wonderful nickname for me…he calls me “The Devil.”  He has seen my hormones a few times come out in not-so-tasteful ways usually aimed at my “underserving” husband.  Now, anytime I exhibit even the slightest change in mood, my husband says, “Devil..put the horns away.” and he proceeds to pat my head in order to push them back in!   In my world, this is just as stupid as asking me, “Are you PMS’ing?”

Lucky for him we have two girls and I’m asking for more!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!! Crazy right?!

Kaylee, the oldest came home from Pre-School the other day and we went grocery shopping for things for dinner.  We also picked up ingredients to make cookies!  Later that day we went to pick up our youngest, Macy, from daycare.  I told Macy that Kaylee and I had gotten things to make cookies and that we could all make them together after dinner.  This is what I hear from the backseat…Kaylee-“I am NOT making cookies if SHE’S gonna be there.”  Excuuuuuuuuse me!  “Well, Kaylee, maybe you can help dad put the shoe rack together?!”  “NO, I will make the cookies, and SHE can help dad.”  Well then…miss thing…I guess we’re not gonna make this a mommy daughters bonding moment.  Poor Macy was sitting in the backseat looking at Kaylee probably thinking, “What just crawled up your butt and died!  Jeeeeeeez!” 

Sisterly love is spread on thick in our house.

Me and my two little women

  80% of the time they are best friends…the rest of the time…”spawn of the Devil”  Of course…again…its all my fault! 

I will end with a kick a** recipe that is full of hormone curing ingredients…I made it by myself without the help of my already sassy daughters.  The only thing I ask of my husband…a house with more than one bathroom BEFORE they reach puberty…I have high likelyhood of this happening!


Charlie Brown Pie

1/2 cup beanut butter

1/4 cup butter

Melt peanut butter and butter and then add

2 cups of crushed grahm crackers

1/3 cup sugar

put into 9X13 pan and pat down for the crust.  Let it cool

1 box of Chocolate pudding-THE BIG BOX!!! 6oz

mix pudding with 3 1/2 cups cold milk

let stand in fridge for about an hour.

Spread over grahm cracker crust.

Let stand for another hour or so and add

1 container Cool Whip to the top!


This pan has been in the fridge less than 24 hours and it is 2/3 gone! WINNER!

Lesson learned

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The midwest is getting a break from the blistering heat we have received over the past few weeks.  Both animal and human are enjoying a reprieve from 98 degree heat and 90% humidity with heat indexes over 100 degrees some days.  It has been hot all over the country and some are in horrible draughts so i am thankful ours wasn’t too permanent.

Fortunately for us we only lost one cow and calf.  Some farmers lost much more than that due to the conditions.   Our vet had been out to give fluids and she was perking up a bit more and looking better.  Once the vet left she collapsed again and went into shock due to heat stroke.  She was 1 week from her due date so my husband made the decision to do a c-section and deliver the calf early and save at least one of them.  A decision neither him or his dad made easily.  The cow was already in a great deal of stress, but this was the calf’s only hope.  Unfortunately the calf had already died due to the stress of the mother.  I had gone out to the barn to help bring my husband some things, leaving my two girls back home with grandma and when I came in they were asking me all sorts of qustions.  I thought, “maybe they’re too young for me to try and explain what this all is or what death means.”  But the farm mom in me kicked in and reminded me that this is life on a farm.  The reality that sometimes animals have to be put down so they wont suffer anymore.  My 4 year old was very wise and mature when she said, “Well, we should make sure all the other mommies have lots of water so they wont die.”  Which we did!  All day and at night in fact…extra fans were brought in and damp towels placed on backs.  Hubby rigged up  a “cow spritzer” (what the 3 y/o called it) and I am still playing catch up on the extra laundry that 4 changes of clothes a day makes!  Enjoy the cool down everyone! 

Patience is a virtue

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My husband and I have a responsibility to our animals, land, and enviorment, to keep tham all healthy and sustainable so these 2 can come back and do the same!

Well, I just spent 2 hours in a very lively converstaion about humane animal treatment on Twitter during our weekly #agchat Tueday.  Agchat Foundation  has been a great tool of education and inspiration for me, personally.  What they want to do is bridge the gap between farmers and their consumers.  Comming from a non-ag background I can appreciate concerns from the general public about farming practices, animal health, enviromental issues, and ethics. 

I enjoyed tonight’s converstaion more than usual because it is something that I can actually talk about.  Some weeks are more into the science behind things or politics and those have never been my favorite subjects.  I have had the perfect opportunity to learn about these misconceptions in a personal way by marrying a farmer.  Why are cows given prophylactic anti-biotics??? (not true by the way:-) Why do you take the calves away from the mother shortly after birth??? Why do you give hormones to cows???  GMO seeds??? All these things and more are on people’s minds and its a GOOD thing that they are.  Who better to worry about the health of America than Americans themselves.  I have no problem with someone taking charge and chosing to eat a vegan diet because they believe its better for them.  As long as you leave room for the understanding that just because YOU are vegan doens’t mean everyone else needs to be.  Personal choices run this country.  Some should have more priority over others, but thats a whole other Blog posting. 

The questions I have written above were answered after spending time in my husband’s farm.  Listening to his dad talk about the animals more like they were family was inspiring and then to learn about the business that goes with those family members was eye opening as well. 

My husband and I spent a great weekend with other farmers at our Minnesota Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher’s Convention where we learned a lot about industry practices and how to utilize our resources to better our farm, animals, and our families.  It sounds like a broken record now, but the importance of sharing your farm stories is vital to the sustainability of our careers.  I’m pretty pumped and hubby is ALMOST talked into getting on Twitter-he’s the expert.  All farmers are!

dum de dum


Well, here we are entering into the winter months in Minnesota.  I didn’t think the snow would show up so soon, but it’s here!  The guys are done with field work…obviously…and I am enjoying having my husband back in for dinner-most days:-) Niave me used to think that when winter hits that there would be nothing for him to do until Spring…WRONG!  I learned quickly that winter is just as busy, but with different things other than field work.  There is machinery to repair and maintain, animals to keep healthy, snow to plow!  haha! Our daughters have also enjoyed having daddy somewhat more available too!  Our evenings are filled with lots of family time-mostly spent with the three of them wrestling!  And ya know how they say that “it’s always greener on the other side” ?  Well, I am honestly struggling with having him back in the house more!  I am very happy he is, but the girls and I fall into our own routine and he’s kinda messing it up!  We eat, play, have a bath, read books, and have snuggle time in bed.  NOW…daddy’s home so I’m no fun obviously…and he hasn’t grasped the concept of “down time” before bed!  Well, we’re just getting started to settle into a new way of life so I guess I’ll be patient with him:-)  Gotta love him

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