That Just Happened

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My husband says to me, “Oh yah, we were supposed to get back to Mary about reading at Kaylee’s (our daughter) school next week.” I said, “Didn’t I tell you??? You go in on Thursday at 2:00pm to read. Oh, and Katie has a cow costume you can wear too!!”

As you can imagine I hear from hubby…”I AM NOT READING IN A COW COSTUME!” hee hee hee. “Don’t worry, hunny, you’re not…I AM!”

So let me back up…My daughter’s school has a farm themed week and during this week they get to dress up, read books, and have their education materials focused around farm animals and country life.

Kaylee was very proud when her teacher announced to the class that I was coming to read and that SHE lived on a farm near school. The kids that ride her bus know a little of her rural livelihood when they see her craw out of the skid loader or the semi to get on the bus or when she gets picked up by the combine or tractor after school. I think her dad feels pretty proud about this too 😉

So my reading day rolls around and what I didn’t tell her was that I was coming dressed up in a Jersey cow costume!!! This is what I get as I walk into the class room…

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Can you hear her saying it??? "That Just happened?" I walk in all smiles and shes just glaring at me like, really??? really mom??? THIS is what you're going to do here?! All of her classmates thought I was GREAT!!! They were laughing and clapping and so it didn't take long until Kaylee clapped too and gave me half a smile!

I read…




I gave the kids some time for questions. “What happens if the machine gets stuck on the cow??” “What kind of ‘sores’ do they get when their yutters get too big?” “where do the babies come out from?” Seriously…I swear you could read them a book about the moon and they would STILL ask you where babies come from!

I loved every second of it because their little ears were wide open and they were so excited to hear about our farm life and ask all their questions.

When we got back home I asked Kaylee, “Were you embarrassed when I walked in dressed as a cow?” She said, “Yah kinda…I thought my friends were gonna make fun of me, but then they just made fun of you so it was ok!”

Thanks doll 😉




Lesson learned

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The midwest is getting a break from the blistering heat we have received over the past few weeks.  Both animal and human are enjoying a reprieve from 98 degree heat and 90% humidity with heat indexes over 100 degrees some days.  It has been hot all over the country and some are in horrible draughts so i am thankful ours wasn’t too permanent.

Fortunately for us we only lost one cow and calf.  Some farmers lost much more than that due to the conditions.   Our vet had been out to give fluids and she was perking up a bit more and looking better.  Once the vet left she collapsed again and went into shock due to heat stroke.  She was 1 week from her due date so my husband made the decision to do a c-section and deliver the calf early and save at least one of them.  A decision neither him or his dad made easily.  The cow was already in a great deal of stress, but this was the calf’s only hope.  Unfortunately the calf had already died due to the stress of the mother.  I had gone out to the barn to help bring my husband some things, leaving my two girls back home with grandma and when I came in they were asking me all sorts of qustions.  I thought, “maybe they’re too young for me to try and explain what this all is or what death means.”  But the farm mom in me kicked in and reminded me that this is life on a farm.  The reality that sometimes animals have to be put down so they wont suffer anymore.  My 4 year old was very wise and mature when she said, “Well, we should make sure all the other mommies have lots of water so they wont die.”  Which we did!  All day and at night in fact…extra fans were brought in and damp towels placed on backs.  Hubby rigged up  a “cow spritzer” (what the 3 y/o called it) and I am still playing catch up on the extra laundry that 4 changes of clothes a day makes!  Enjoy the cool down everyone! 

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