I know I’m not the only farm wife in America who hasn’t seen her husband before the 1-2 am hour in the last few weeks. Combining corn and soybeans has started and keeps the farmers busy

Am I right?!

I can only stay on task with the laundry, dishes, kids, cooking, and parenting for so long until i NEED something different. Even if its a new face in my house to balance out the the 4 and 5 year olds I always look at! Just kidding…kind of 😉

So I had the kids put their dishes away and I very skillfully tricked them into thinking it was REALLY fun to haul the 2 loads of laundry down from upstairs. They not only loved it, but they changed loads for me too!! I gotta say, I’m really getting the knack at the parenting stuff…not gonna lie!

And while they were doing this I fulfilled one of my goals I set for myself at the AgChat Foundation Confrence and that was to set up a YouTube Channel to start sharing our family, our farm, and our story!

So with all this time on my hands after my child laborers did their thing, I IDID!

Its in the beginning stages, of course, so bare with me…the first few videos will be me trying to learn how to use the programs.

And as some of you know…My husband Brent, LOVES to take pics and videos of himself farming and post them to Twitter and Facebook. He also likes to rub my nose in ALL of the likes he gets! Dork!

So check it out, wait for more, and enjoy what you see!!