After writing my last post I was thinking to myself that I may have to clarify something. Just a note that the conversation I had written was in condensed form. I don’t want anyone reading it to be confused by what I meant by “no hormones ” and “no antibiotics” in the milk.
At the time of processing and bottling of pasteurized milk, there can not be any traces of antibiotics in the milk. Even though the cow may have been treated with it for some disease, the milk is dumped during treatment and only non treated milk goes into the tank. We observe the proper withdrawl period, then before we add the cows milk back into production we do an on the farm testing to make sure there are no more antibiotics in her milk. The confusing thing about hormones in milk is that there ARE natural hormones the cow produces to make milk. Much like us humans. The difference may be that some farms use synthetic hormones to help keep her on a steady wave of production. Not necessarily to make more milk but to keep her at her peek milking amount for a little longer which doesn’t have any negative effects on the animal.
So, in short, to clarify…there are naturally produced hormones in the milk, and there are no traces of antibiotics in the milk you are drinking. Both organic and conventional