Oh yes I know, its been forever and a day since I’ve posted, but what can I say?! 2 jobs, 2 kids…cough cough, i’m sorry…3 kids (including hubby) and a farm!

No excuse I now because theres some really fantastic bloggers out there who are just as busy as me who seem to get it all done!

Brent and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend with the Minnesota Farm Bureau at our annual Young Farmer and Rancher’s Confrence this past weekend. During it I won a Pioneer corn hat! SCORE!!! The rest were either John Deere or CAT so I thought this was a pretty good comprimise of prizes 🙂 Seeing as how we’re a “red family” round here.

I wore it out shopping the other day and was stopped by an older gentleman who said, “OH a farmers wife eh?!” He knew he liked me right away. I didn’t have quite the same stardom later in the day when I went to the grocery store! Hmmmm, you wouldnt think that by wearing a simple hat could raise an awareness. I was at the milk cooler and picked the milks I always picked, but realized there was a sale on another brand. It just so happens that this carton said “Hormone Free” “Antibiotic Free” I’m already preparing my come back for Brent when he sees this and assumes I have fallen into the marketing trap of these catch phrases. THEY WERE ON SAAAAALE…was what I came up with. A woman beside me says, “Oh good choice…see here it says they are hormone and antibiotic free!” hmmm, “Well, its on sale so thats why I’m buying them, and there are no hormones or antibiotics in ANY milk or else they couldnt sell them.” She looks at me and looks up at my infamous hat and says, “Oh so can I assume by your hat that you farm? UGH dont even get me strted on your GMO’s that you use to make more money and poison the rest of us. How can you sleep at night knowing what you’re doing. Are you a mother?? How can you be so horrible to your own children???”

I have NEVER been approached with this type of hostility EVER! I had no idea how to respond…Usually when convos come up we’re able to discuss amicablly and even agree to disagree. “Yes, ma’am, my family does farm. We live on the farm, we all work on the farm, and there is no other place I’d rather raise my kids. Where they learn the quality of hard work, honesty, circle of life, and commitment to common decency. I have no trouble sleeping because I protect my kids just like any other mother does, and I do NOT appreciate you attacking my mothering.”

There are a few things that will set my devil horns high on my head and one of them is the assumption that my kids are somehow neglected or treated badly. Momma bear will roar if you even touch on this subject. You had better get to know me before you rage your ugly head at me!

Unfortunatley this conversation didn’t end well, like it could have. She had her mind made up that farmers are the devil and I was the person in front of her wearing the damn Pioneer hat waiting for a verbal assault.

To make money???? HAHAHA oh please! Thats why I’m shopping at the Clearance racks at Target, wearing my FREE hat, driving a 7 y/o Chevy Impala, and spending my $$$ on mostly new clothes for my girls, not myself. Oh yah…and buying the MILK ON SALE!!! Maybe at somepoint this woman will be willing to listen to the other half of the story, until then, I guess I’ll keep wearing my Pioneer hat to the grocery store and see what other conversations I can start!