Recently I was in on a conversation about female hormones with some of my Twitter friends.  For more laughs you can follow @ezweber @heibri @greystone_farm @FunWithBulls @Zweberfarms & @GrassHapy99 @JPlovesCOTTON among others! The chat first started about hormones in milk.  Then it moved to the fact that females have RAGING hormones that make us do things that are unthinkable! 

We women always get a bad rap about our genetic make-up and men get to laugh about it.  My brother-in-law has a wonderful nickname for me…he calls me “The Devil.”  He has seen my hormones a few times come out in not-so-tasteful ways usually aimed at my “underserving” husband.  Now, anytime I exhibit even the slightest change in mood, my husband says, “Devil..put the horns away.” and he proceeds to pat my head in order to push them back in!   In my world, this is just as stupid as asking me, “Are you PMS’ing?”

Lucky for him we have two girls and I’m asking for more!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!! Crazy right?!

Kaylee, the oldest came home from Pre-School the other day and we went grocery shopping for things for dinner.  We also picked up ingredients to make cookies!  Later that day we went to pick up our youngest, Macy, from daycare.  I told Macy that Kaylee and I had gotten things to make cookies and that we could all make them together after dinner.  This is what I hear from the backseat…Kaylee-“I am NOT making cookies if SHE’S gonna be there.”  Excuuuuuuuuse me!  “Well, Kaylee, maybe you can help dad put the shoe rack together?!”  “NO, I will make the cookies, and SHE can help dad.”  Well then…miss thing…I guess we’re not gonna make this a mommy daughters bonding moment.  Poor Macy was sitting in the backseat looking at Kaylee probably thinking, “What just crawled up your butt and died!  Jeeeeeeez!” 

Sisterly love is spread on thick in our house.

Me and my two little women

  80% of the time they are best friends…the rest of the time…”spawn of the Devil”  Of course…again…its all my fault! 

I will end with a kick a** recipe that is full of hormone curing ingredients…I made it by myself without the help of my already sassy daughters.  The only thing I ask of my husband…a house with more than one bathroom BEFORE they reach puberty…I have high likelyhood of this happening!


Charlie Brown Pie

1/2 cup beanut butter

1/4 cup butter

Melt peanut butter and butter and then add

2 cups of crushed grahm crackers

1/3 cup sugar

put into 9X13 pan and pat down for the crust.  Let it cool

1 box of Chocolate pudding-THE BIG BOX!!! 6oz

mix pudding with 3 1/2 cups cold milk

let stand in fridge for about an hour.

Spread over grahm cracker crust.

Let stand for another hour or so and add

1 container Cool Whip to the top!


This pan has been in the fridge less than 24 hours and it is 2/3 gone! WINNER!