Can you guess what my post is going to be about???  Hmmm, I live in Minnesota where it seems like winter NEVER goes away.  4 seasons??? yah…Fall, Winter, Winter, & Construction.  Those are my seasons!  Well, I guess thechniclly my 4 seasons are Planting, Hay, Harvest, Maintenance/Winter. 

My oh-so-positive weather man just reminded me that our most snowy month hasn’t even hit yet and we have close to 60 inches on the ground.  Thanks to another 14 inches last weekend.  My kids and I are running out of ideas of things to do, games to play, food to make, & movies to watch.  Actually, in all honesty-I’M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!  My two girls could do my hair and make up and dress me up for “The Ball” every day.  There isn’t a cap on how many chocolate chip cookies they will make with me, but my waist line does!  And “Spirit” a movie about a wild horse can only be watched so many times before I start humming the tunes in the shower.  We have donned our snow gear plenty of times this year though.  That only lasts so long until they get too cold, or someone has to go to the bathroom of course. 

Getting wiggles out in the barn!

To top it all off we have added a new member to our family!  An 8 week old Black lab/Heeler mix puppy!  Talk about energy.  If anyone has cabin fever, this little gal does.  Stella does laps through the house and it seems her feet never touch the ground.  She’s so funny to watch.  Just another thing to keep us all busy-who am I kidding-to keep ME busy 🙂

Spring isn’t too far away I suppose!  And then I can ship husband, daughters AND puppy outside-together hopefully!