My husband and I have a responsibility to our animals, land, and enviorment, to keep tham all healthy and sustainable so these 2 can come back and do the same!

Well, I just spent 2 hours in a very lively converstaion about humane animal treatment on Twitter during our weekly #agchat Tueday.  Agchat Foundation  has been a great tool of education and inspiration for me, personally.  What they want to do is bridge the gap between farmers and their consumers.  Comming from a non-ag background I can appreciate concerns from the general public about farming practices, animal health, enviromental issues, and ethics. 

I enjoyed tonight’s converstaion more than usual because it is something that I can actually talk about.  Some weeks are more into the science behind things or politics and those have never been my favorite subjects.  I have had the perfect opportunity to learn about these misconceptions in a personal way by marrying a farmer.  Why are cows given prophylactic anti-biotics??? (not true by the way:-) Why do you take the calves away from the mother shortly after birth??? Why do you give hormones to cows???  GMO seeds??? All these things and more are on people’s minds and its a GOOD thing that they are.  Who better to worry about the health of America than Americans themselves.  I have no problem with someone taking charge and chosing to eat a vegan diet because they believe its better for them.  As long as you leave room for the understanding that just because YOU are vegan doens’t mean everyone else needs to be.  Personal choices run this country.  Some should have more priority over others, but thats a whole other Blog posting. 

The questions I have written above were answered after spending time in my husband’s farm.  Listening to his dad talk about the animals more like they were family was inspiring and then to learn about the business that goes with those family members was eye opening as well. 

My husband and I spent a great weekend with other farmers at our Minnesota Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher’s Convention where we learned a lot about industry practices and how to utilize our resources to better our farm, animals, and our families.  It sounds like a broken record now, but the importance of sharing your farm stories is vital to the sustainability of our careers.  I’m pretty pumped and hubby is ALMOST talked into getting on Twitter-he’s the expert.  All farmers are!