My beautiful girls singing/yelling “Jingle Bells”  at Christmas #1 in Minnesota!

Cajun Christmas isn't complete without LSU parafonilia! Geaux Tigers!!

Kaylee, Macy, and Gran Anne in Louisiana enjoying our Cajun Christmas!

Girls and Paw-Paw...notice, no snow outside! Lovely!!!!

Once we finally made it into Louisiana we had a blast!  We missed our connection from Dallas to Lafayette, but they were able to fly us into Lake Charles which isn’t too far away!  Imagine, if you will, my 6’3″  husband with one girl over each shoulder running through Dallas airport with me chasing after with our carry-on luggage.  Only to get to our gate and the plane is GOOOOONE!  Oh but have no fear-there is a plane going to Lake Charles…but its boarding right now…hoof those kids onto the shoulders again daddy!  The girls think this is all a crazy, fun, adventure and Brent and I are just about ready for a stiff cocktail…2 maybe!  Which-a flight attendant DID offer me at one point (bless his heart) I must have looked the part!Oh…but the 70 degree weather that greeted us in Louisiana was magnificant. I didn’t want to be inside anymore after being on a crammed airplane all morning.  Comming home was a lot better though after one flight delayment- and I have to say that for  2 and 3 year olds my kids did an awesome job!  Hubby and I, however, are fully cured of wanting more kids!  Oh-and have you ever tried to get treatment for an ear infection on a Monday after a Holiday…ahhhhhhh…it was HORRIBLE!!!!  I work in an ER and I wasn’t about to go there for a 4 hour wait-but there’s no Urgent Care’s or Minute Clinics down there like we have here in Minnesota.  Something I am now very thankful for.  So, I ended up waiting 3 hours instead at a walk-in clinic with Kaylee until we were seen.  BUT-the doctor did say that I should give the kids some decongestants before the plane ride home.  Yes sir-night time cold meds it is!  Hey, Doctor’s orders…slept the whole second plane ride home! Lovely:-)