I had the opportunity to talk to a representative from Minnesota Soybean Growers Association about my family and our farming operation.  They had a few interview questions for me about our history, the land, responsibility, ethics, those things.

One question that halted me was what I wanted someone who wasn’t connected to ag to know-whats the MOST important thing I wanted to share.  How can you prioritize such a list!  My first thought-I WANT TO SHARE!  anything and everything.  Seek out the truth, ask, ask, ask.  And unfortunately its so difficult for our generation to find  sources to get info from.  Farmers and ranchers seem so distant when we really are 20 miles out your back door in some cases!  More and more we are joining the Social networking world on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others so all you have to do is search “farmers”!

If you are concerned about drinking milk from a cow that has been treated with antibiotics at some point then don’t.  If you want to know why we do then ASK!  If you have doubts about the health of young calves who are raised for veal…then ASK!  Anything and everything you consume and use has a story behind it and we WANT to tell it to you. 

Farmers and ranchers are consumers too and we HATE being lied to so we fully accept the expectation that OUR consumers don’t want us lying to them either.  Seek out your own truths and stories-not from the liberal media, or HSUS, or lobbyist groups.  Seek out your information directly from the source-directly from the farmer who is raising your beef cows, your dairy cows, your chickens and hogs.  We work hard to put healthy, safe, and relatively cheap  food on your table and all we would like is a little credit for that.

Thank a Farmer!