All I got to say is HOLY CRAP for snow!!!!  Our area received over 20 inches of this glorious white stuff and apparently ‘ more coming this Thursday!  Ya know, I’m all for snow and having a White Christmas and all, but honestly-this is crazy talk.  Poor hubby has been out since 3 am on Saturday morning and has only come home for some dry socks, real food, and a bit of shut-eye.  Plows were taken off the roads because whats the point?

So, I get a little aggravated by all this because even though I have lived here all my life I still haven’t grown used to all this winter wonder.  Brent and I had plans to go out on Friday night with a big group of friends to celebrate the 12 Bars of Christmas.  It’s a charity thing where hundreds of people in Minneapolis go out and certain bars have specials and you buy a t-shirt to put you on a team and you’re supposed to go to 12 bars in one night.  Quite the feat-my mother said, “Oh, the baby Jesus would be so proud!”  I noticed a hint of sarcasm in her voice of course!  BUT with all the snow moving in we had to cut our evening short so hubby could get back in time to start plowing.

I work in an ER here in Minnesota so of course my thoughts went to my co-workers and hoping they all made it to work ok and if they didn’t-hopefully whoever was there could manage.  I also thought of the ambulance drivers and all the trouble they would have once the plows were pulled off the roads-them and fire and police.  A lot of people’s lives don’t stop for snow.  Farmers are also in that group-calf huts had to be covered, snow removal is still in the works to make it easier for our cattle to get to the feed bunk where their food is, our milkers weren’t able to make it so the family all chipped in and helped get things done. 

It has calmed down some though.  We are somewhat plowed out, it’s not snowing anymore, but its COLD!!!!  Below zero wind chills down to 25 below I heard.  Which means I kept myself and my two lovely daughters inside all weekend!  I’m still smiling, but I will admit I had a beer with my pizza dinner 🙂  What do girls do on a snow day? I curled their hair, put make up on, did nails, and we baked cookies-chocolate of course!  What more could a lady ask for?