Well, here we are entering into the winter months in Minnesota.  I didn’t think the snow would show up so soon, but it’s here!  The guys are done with field work…obviously…and I am enjoying having my husband back in for dinner-most days:-) Niave me used to think that when winter hits that there would be nothing for him to do until Spring…WRONG!  I learned quickly that winter is just as busy, but with different things other than field work.  There is machinery to repair and maintain, animals to keep healthy, snow to plow!  haha! Our daughters have also enjoyed having daddy somewhat more available too!  Our evenings are filled with lots of family time-mostly spent with the three of them wrestling!  And ya know how they say that “it’s always greener on the other side” ?  Well, I am honestly struggling with having him back in the house more!  I am very happy he is, but the girls and I fall into our own routine and he’s kinda messing it up!  We eat, play, have a bath, read books, and have snuggle time in bed.  NOW…daddy’s home so I’m no fun obviously…and he hasn’t grasped the concept of “down time” before bed!  Well, we’re just getting started to settle into a new way of life so I guess I’ll be patient with him:-)  Gotta love him