I have been reading so many inspirational blog posts lately that it reminded me that I have been slacking in my own attempts to “shock and amaze” HA!

I do have a good excuse though-maybe not an excuse so much as a reason!  I have taken on an Advertising and Marketing job with my mother-in-law’s company Udder Tech, Inc.  Lots of work to be done by the end of the year.  Not to mention getting caught up from World Dairy Expo 2010.  We are on the road to recovery! 

My house hasn’t been that busy though-one main reason is I have NO husband around…EVER!  They have had such amazing weather here in Minnesota for harvesting that they are just going, going, going!  Great yields are coming from our corn and soybeans.  One major hiccup is our river ports being too high to get boats down to the elevators.  Many of them in our area are getting full and have no way of dumping the grain because of our Mississippi River being so high.  But, the guys are still at it and loving every minute of it! 

My girls and I have enjoyed many combine rides with daddy in the last few weeks-You gotta take the time when you get it wherever you get it!

Happy Harvest everyone