I had such a wonderful time this weekend!  I was able to spend all day Saturday with one of my good friends doing all the things I love.  We started out going to the gym and had a great hour-long work out together.  We went and got pedicures-while both of us were falling asleep in the chair-I always do though!  It’s so relaxing.  Shopping was next on the list.  And we both agreed that we weren’t looking for anything in particular so of course we found TONS of things we “needed.”  I was good though.  I really DID only purchase what I needed!  And to end the night perfectly we went out to one of our local small town bars for drinks-does it get better than that I ask you?!  My other good friend @ezweber met us there for our “safety meeting” we got the idea from our husbands.  It’s their code word for drinking after farming!  So, we had our own safety meeting this weekend!  We solved a lot of problems let me tell ya-you can chase a lot away with a few shots!  I’ll admit, I needed to chase away the horrible memories of the weekend of baseball my Minnesota Twins had.  I watched the last 3 innings of the Saturday game and was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  No one was able to talk to me until it was over because I couldn’t focus enough to listen.  Makes me sound like a man:-(  well, they have some time off and we’ll come back!  Excited to go out to World Dairy Expo this week!  Anybody going??