As I sit at my kitchen table at 7:15 finishing up my dinner with my girlies, I am trying not to get upset that I am once again eating alone without my husband who SAID he was going to be in at 6:30.  I know better than to expect him to be right on time but 45 minutes…c’mon!  So when he walks in looking tired and worn out I fight the urge to say, “Don’t even try to pull your ‘I’ve had such a bad day’ crap on me!”  Instead I heat up his food, put it in front of him and send the kids out to watch John and Kate Plus 8 (they call it the “family movie” ) I ask my hubby what he was up to for so long and he begins to tell me about his whole day.  He found a grain bin for sale not too far from us and the farmer wants it gone by this weekend so he can put up a new one for this season.  We are a tad bit behind the times here by not having a grain bin of our own so my husband jumped at the opportunity to have one for a great price.  So, he now has to clear a spot, pour cement, hire a crew to move it, construct it again on our farm, and we’re good!  Sounds so easy when you put it that way!  I ask him whats the big rush to have it up by this year with combining starting so soon?  Why not use it for next year and not be so stressed about it?  Well, apparently there’s this thing called the stock market??? hmmm,  and apparently grain prices are pretty low right now so people are buying lots of stock which means the price for our corn is good right now.  And if we can save storage costs and have it on our farm instead of paying for it to be stored at a grain elevator we can save that much more.  There was a lot more talking than that, but I was left shocked at how much thought went into CORN.  Another reminder for myself that there IS always a reason for him being so busy.  I may not like the busyness, but it all does make sense.  Can’t hold it against the guy for being a go-getter!  Wouldn’t want it any other way!