I was at the grocery store recently buying some chicken for dinner and I discovered something.  And I can’t believe that I’ve missed this before, but whatever!  I was buying Gold N Plump boneless chicken breasts and noticed there was a $1 price difference between regular and Grade A chicken from the same brand.  Both were hormone and antibiotic free (the label said so:-) but the one that was $1 more said “Raised on Family Farms” and had 2 more bullet points on the label-something about no additives or preservatives I think.  So, being who I am I opted for the $1 more chicken.  I got home and told my hubby about it and he said, “Well I hope you bought the cheaper one because there’s probably not that much difference.” I had to fess up and make the lame excuse that I bought the more expensive one because I thought it was better!  I probably fell into just the consumer trap that they wanted me to!  I tried to find out some info online about what exactly makes a chicken Grade A but was unable to find exact criteria a producer has to follow.  All I found out was that they DO indeed have regulations to follow.  I want to know EXACTLY what you have to do-what you feed, where the chickens live, how old they are when they go to slaughter, those kind of things.  Not that it’s gonna make me not want to eat chicken, but I’m just curious what the rules are.  And I DO hope you’re getting more for your Grade A chickens if my CUB Foods is making $1 on them as well! 

It ALSO irks me that I do not have the freedom at my grocery store to choose whether or not I buy non rBST treated milk.  They’ve made the choice for me and do not sell regular milk.  Even the CUB brand makes the claim on their label that the milk is from non-treated cows.  But that’s a whole other soap box!