I am proud to announce that my 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Kaylee, is almost totally potty trained!  She has been wearing underwear now 2 days without accidents from either source!! ha! She is so proud of herself and will announce to anybody that she wears undies and will even tell them what color she picked out for that day.  Funny girl!  She also just had quite the adventure with her dad this weekend.  I was working and she was in the combine with dad harvesting corn.  She says, “DAD I gotta go peeeeee!”  Well, dad was S.O.L. out in the field and wasn’t about to drive all the way back into the yard to go to the house. So…what does he do??? What any father of a potty training child does…got her out of the combine…walked into the corn…and taught her how to pee outside!  My husband VERY proudly called and left me a message saying, ” You’ll never guess…Kaylee just popped her first swqat!”  I of course burst out laughing-good thing I was alone!  Now, it’s a matter of curbing this new-found talent of hers and making it very clear that it is only done in desperate measures!  We’re not gonna pee outside just cuz we can!  If there is a bathroom available-that will be our destination. 

What a relief of both parent and child for her to figure all this out!  Now, our next step is to get Macy, the 2-year-old, trained which I’m thinking isn’t ging to be hard seeing as how she follows her sister into the bathroom every time.  Happy Monday everyone!