I was reminded today numerous times how precious and fragile life is. I work In the ER as an EMT and today I had a 82 y/o pt who was dying. The family was not prepared for this at all. They seemed to think he would get better and eventually come home with them. It was sad to watch the reality set in and the fear of losing their grandpa,dad,husband,and friend. A while ago we had an 18 month old die from respitory failure which sent her into cardiac arrest. That was a horrible day…I came home that day and didn’t want to let my kids go. Never let a day go by without saying I love you and give hugs like they’re going out of style. Depressing post, I know,but just thought I’d share. I gave my hugs and am excited to go to bed at the same time as hubby! The rain moved in so he’s home tonight. What a gift!