Our Christmas photo from last year

Almost everyday this is the question I hear from my 3 year old daughter, Kaylee, “Who’s milkin’ mommy?” She doesn’t have to ask because she knows who’s in the barn by which vehicle is parked outside! Still, she asks, as an opener I suppose to her next question, “Can I go in there and help?” At 3 she is getting to be a helper more and more, but her attention span can be cut short when Spawn (the barn cat) walks in or Roper (the farm dog) checks out the scene. Her favorite chore by far is feeding the calvies! It’s hard for her to understand that she can’t share the bottle with everyone. She would like to walk down the row and give a little to each one. The controlling factor MUST come from her father! Our 2 year old, Macy is quickly in tow, although she is happier scaling the gates and “washing” her hands in the water buckets. She’ll get there I’m sure. If it sounds like I’m going on and on about my cutie patuties I guess I am. It’s because I had such a wonderfully farm filled week with them and the family. The guys bailed straw a while back and the girls and I went out for a tractor ride as is our custom in the evenings. A pea field had just been chopped down and my girls were happy as larks to just run and run and run. They must have been a full football field away from me. There was nothing around them but open space and I couldn’t help but get a little teary eyed at the life that my husband and I have given them. They never would have come back I don’t think unless daddy reminded them of the tractor ride that was about to leave! People may not understand why we do what we do and they may not agree with how we do it, but if they could have been there that day I’m sure they would have wished their kids could have the same freedom my two girls had that day. What a life!