MOMMY-why do I have to get dressed, why do I have to pee in the potty, why can’t I go with dad in the shop filled with sharp tools, WHY WHY WHY…sound familiar to anyone! With a 3 year old and a 2 year old this is a question I have to answer everyday.  I always try not to give them the classic, “because I said so” line, but it’s just so darn easy!  SO-when I was asked why I blog I was able to muster up ideas right away!

1.   I have always enjoyed journalism, but never had the time to sit down and write in a book-typing is easier and faster!

2. I believe, like every mom does, that I have the 2 most beautiful little girls who drive me nuts, but make me laugh everyday!

3.  I have found a new understanding of the importance for me to advocate for my family and the life we have chosen.  FARMING!

4. It’s therapeutic in ways-I can write what I really think and feel and before I push the “publish” button I have the opportunity to sensor myself-can’t always do that in real life:-) I don’t always want to either!

5. I want to share the story I have with anyone who will listen.  As you may have read in previous posts, I do not come from an agriculture background.  I come from a place where a few years ago I would have been crushed to see the “Mercy for Animals” video posted about Veal Producers.  Now, thankfully, I am able to weed through the BS if you will and realize, “HEY…thats not even a CALF!!!!” LOL (fyi…some were obviously calves, but there was a lot of big moo moos! mmm not calves!)

Mostly I am here to learn about other’s lives.  And if they are willing to listen, share some of mine as well.