I was asked recently by my husband’s great aunt, “Did you know what you were getting yourself into when you married this man?” My honest answer??? “NO!” Does anybody? Is there anyone out there who truly felt they knew every nook and cranny of their future spouse that there was no way you were going to be surprised by anything?  My hubby and I dated a short 11 months before we got engaged.  Not long enough to know everything, but enough to fall in love. We knre quite a bit of the god and not as much of the bad…that would surface later 🙂 Did I know what I was geting myself into? I knew he was a gentleman, selfless, strong, kind, generous with his time, and the hardest worker I had ever met.  And I love him, his family, and everything about being out in the country and this farm! 

Do I love planting season a.k.a Spring?

Do I love hay season a.k.a Summer?

Do I love harvest a.k.a. Fall?

Do I love repair time a.k.a. Winter?

Hmmmmmm; LOVE as we know is such a strong word that I’m not quite ready to conect it to any of these, but what I do love is being a part of a 5 generation dairy farm that has sustained itself through thick and thin.  Being associated with the most generous, honorable, duty driven group of people has been such a blessing.  Busy would be an understatement that it’s not even funny.  My husband and I could go days without breathing a word to eachother.  No family meals, no help with the kids, no relaxing movie nights and a date??? Not very often.  Why do we do it?  For our children, our neighbors, family and friends, AND…for you!  Interesting concept huh?!