American Honeys!!!

Well, here we go folks!  Mommy Blog of the century…YEAH RIGHT!!! I am choosing to open up my life to the millions of you who don’t care, but also to those of you who do (hopefully a few:-))I am doing this with a bit of hesitation, but I am honestly excited to start my own journey that will hopefully teach me a lot and offer me the opportunity to share with others as well.

MY STORY starts in a suburb outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul growing up with a wonderful mother who always prioritized health at the top of her list of “mommy duties.” Organic, free-ranged, grass fed, rBST free, all natural, homeopathic…these spelled HEALTH to her and NORMAL to me.  For quite a while we were even a drop site for a farmer distributing raw milk…GASP!!! You can about imagine my shock and awe when I met my husband-a conventional dairy farmer.  You can imagine my mother’s blood pressure rising as more touchy subject were brought up around  family meals.  I didn’t see much of my “normal” words in their house and thought, “Well, they’ve survived pretty well so whats the big hoop-la?” 4years of marriage, 2 little girls, and 1 big move back to the farm has been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything…welll…almost anything!!! Just kidding:-)